Sunday, December 7, 2008

A Season of Change

When we first moved to the Washington DC area, we lived in Alexandria VA. This was the letter I sent in my Christmas cards that year.

I was overcome with emotion recently for a little girl whose picture I found in a box. A little girl with rosy cheeks and a curious smile. She was cute and funny in yellow flannel pajamas, holding a new doll freshly delivered by Santa himself!! She really had no idea about the world and all it's struggles ... not then. She was smiling for her little dolly and shy in front of the camera. Always embarrassed to be silly, although she couldn't help it. She literally had her whole life ahead of her.
We took a big step this year ... must have reached that time in our lives when we needed a change more than ever. We're at an awkward age, really. We're too old to think of yourselves as young and far too young to be considered old. We're not shy children in front of cameras anymore, certainly, but just when we think we've done it all, bold new adventures present themselves. And as we move bravely forward to carve new lives for ourselves, our heroes begin to pass without us even realizing we are becoming heroes ourselves. Time really does fly. And at that moment when we think, "well, I guess this is it..." It isn't. Life suddenly becomes exciting again.
Although we had the sad assignment of saying food-bye to Jerry's dad this year and then to our friends and family when we decided to move to Washington DC, and although we left a home and people we loved ... we are happy and peaceful in our new surroundings. It has been a year of big changes.... a lifetime full of big changes... but we are better for all of it. In saying good-bye to Jerry's father, we realized that family and loved ones live in our hearts, regardless where our hearts take us.
Now, that ruddy-cheeked little girl who smiled on Christmas mornings so long ago lives in Virginia near George Washington's home, where there were always worldly, albeit weary, travelers ... there always was and always will be plenty of room for visitors here. Plenty of space to spread out, act like a child again, be our guests!!!

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bev said...

That was lovely. It is amazing the difference in the "in person" you and the "prose" you. I love both sides and find both sides intriguing.