Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Alas, It Is Christmas

it is Christmas
A time of good cheer
of knowing the reason the season is here

We warm up our homes for those who have traveled
with memories and stories and laughter unraveled
We wish and we hope for all the grand things
and tie them with ribbons and papers and strings

But all that we pray for is peace on this earth
and a love for each other and all that that’s worth
A time to reflect on the seasons of past
We smile for our loved ones and raise up a glass:

To all that is magic
and all that is tragic
and all that we want life to be
To all that we stay for
and all that we pray for
belief in the things we can’t see

So we hold each other as we sit by the fire
and lift up our hearts to something much higher
And believe...
... just believe
for Alas, it is Christmas...


Maggie said...


bev said...

That made my heart ache. In a good way though.