Thursday, December 4, 2008

Puppy Love

Our little Allie just turned eight! I realized that I wrote the following Christmas letter just as she was being born! Of course, it would be awhile before she found her way to our home, where a new puppy is always a welcome addition! Here's to eight more happy years, Allie Precious!
Christmas 2000
My little Schnauzer, Zeile (pronounced Zy-la, the name of my favorite pub in Germany) passed away in May. It was the day all the cartoons paid tribute to the late Charles M. Schulz. Although we have a new little girl now, named Wednesday, I still miss my dear friend every single day. I know not everyone is a dog lover and if you've never know how warm a cold nose can make you feel or how comforting is the touch of soft fur, I will not try to explain. But if you do know, then you also know how I've been feeling for the past several months.
I have a photo album filled with pictures of Christmas Past. It's really amazing how many pictures I have with our various beloved pets over the years. There's Molly with her pretty Christmas scarf, Smudge and Sabrina wondering what on earth to do with 3ft rawhide bones, some friends in front of the tree with their new chocolate Lab, my cousin's horses wearing Santa hats, Abbey wearing reindeer antlers, Jim the Brittany Spaniel pushing the sofa cushions under the Christmas tree, Jake opening his football, Borderline opening her soccer ball, Lucy helping to decorate cookies, and finally there is Zeile with his new pink pig!
I read a book today called The Joy of a Peanuts Christmas. Zeile always kind of reminded me of Snoopy with his human-like qualities. It is a wonderful little book, actually! I literally laughed and cried! My favorite is a piece with Woodstock and Snoopy sitting on top of the dog house. Snoopy says, "There's no use getting our hopes up ... we're the lowest of the low. Old Santa Claus couldn't care less about creatures like us! We don't count for anything! That old guy doesn't even know we exist ..." Suddenly tons of gifts and candy fall from the sky right on top of Snoopy and Woodstock. "I can't believe it!" Snoopy cries. "There's a card too? What does it say?" Snoopy reads the card, "Merry Christmas from the new improved Santa Claus!" I think that new improved Santa is the one I still believe in!!
Luckily, I have so many great pictures of Zeile and even more memories from the twelve years we spent together. I will always remember what a truly beautiful companion he was to me. In the words on Beetle Bailey: WE'LL MISS YOU, OLD FRIEND!
Take lot's of pictures this year! Whether your friends and family are furry or fleshy, you'll be glad you did!!

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bev said...

I liked that post. And, great advice. Pictures are wonderful and a great way to keep those memories alive - especially for my fading mind! LOL