Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Old is New

I've been thinking about my grandma a lot lately. I suppose because I somehow have found myself "her age". What?! Is that possible? My fondest memories of my grandmother were when my sister would go to school and I would stay home with Grandma while my mother was at work. So I would have been about 2-4 at that time, which would have made my Grandma .... *gasp* ... my age. I am taking back all those thoughts of her being "old", that's for sure!
I have many, many memories of my grandmother. I have precious little tangible evidence of our relationship, however, and that makes me sad.
For Christmas, my sister had some of my grandma's old linens made into a spectacular apron for me! It's funky and fun and absolutely beautiful! Sometimes I feel separated from my very tiny family because as much as I am the same, I am very different. My grandmother, my mother, my sister ... they all embroider - I do not. They all cook and clean and embrace domesticity - I do not.
I do, however, like a good party! I do so adore filling my home with good friends and good cheer. And I do love to look relatively stylish while doing so!
With all of that being said, the apron was the perfect gift for me. The perfect way to encircle myself with all those wonderful memories!!
But the most special part of this amazing gift were the beautiful words and photos shared by the remarkable woman who made them for us. Her passion for what she does (and what she does is amazing) and her understanding of the feelings behind the fabric made me completely cherish that my apron was made with love. The love of my grandmother, the love of my sister, the love of my memories, and the love of a very dear, creative woman.
And I will wear my fabulous apron with pride and whimsy and pleasure ... because that's what my grandmother would have done!

(please take the time to cut and paste this blog address to see exactly how beautiful the apron is!)