Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sunday, October 21, 2012

If Every Day Were Wednesday

Wednesday came to us in a time of sadness. My first dog (not one of my childhood dogs, but my first dog), Zeile, had recently passed away and my best girl, Borderline, and I were devastated. I don't know which of us was worse, but we were not helping each other in our grief, that's for sure. Zeile was born on October 20th, also my grandmother's birthday. He was born the year my grandmother passed away and he brought a great deal of pleasure and happiness to my life. When he was about five years old, we brought home a little abandoned puppy (Borderline) for him and he helped raise and care for her. She adored him as much as I did and we were both an absolute mess when he passed away. Enter Wednesday. Wednesday was an “oops” at a farm that raised pure bred border collies. Clearly, she had more than border collie blood running through her stream! She was as funny and silly as she looked and our sad days were over as soon as she entered our home. Wednesday had so many little quirks and a very strong personality. She liked to play tricks! She teased the other dogs and even played tricks on me. Good ones, too! She was smart! And Wednesday was a spot thief. No matter who you are or where you were sitting, if you got up for any reason, you would return to find Wednesday in your spot. She was our pack leader. She started the games and ended them when it was time. She set the tone in our home. She wasn't much of a snuggler (she didn't like how much I wiggle around) but she was extremely affectionate. The last few days we spent together, she kept her head in my lap, her paw on my arm. She wanted us near her. She was brave and sweet to the very end, and she left us better people (and dogs) for having shared our lives with her. So, she silently and peacefully left us after one last day spent holding her ... October 20th. A day that has always been special for me anyway, will now forever be the last day of Wednesday, as well.