Tuesday, December 16, 2008

An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor

An Irish Country Christmas. Sounds like 500 pages of L.A.M.E., doesn’t it? But it was actually quite delightful! The story follows two country doctors (one seasoned and crusty, one young and fresh) in rural Ireland during the weeks preceding Christmas of 1964. The tale is sweet and funny and informative. The characters were brilliantly drawn and ever so endearing. Together we enjoyed walks along the sea, rugby matches won by the comical, heroic Labrador, Arthur Guinness, a botched nativity play (which made me laugh out loud in public!), a rigged lottery, many, many meals and trips to the local pub! I couldn’t help but think this would make a classic PG13 Christmas movie, and with the right actors, could be downright hilarious!
I dog-ear pages in my books as I read to remind myself of things I found interesting, funny, or memorable. Things I may want to look up later. My hardcover of An Irish Country Christmas has swollen to twice it’s size with all my page-bending! The Irish slang is quite delicious and the book is full of medical information, recipes and charming dialog! I am happy to have spent my days leading to Christmas with these heartwarming characters. I am really going to miss them!

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