Friday, March 27, 2009

Standing Still

Is Stockholm Syndrome by Proxy a real thing? Because I think I got it while reading Standing Still by Kelly Simmons.
It is hard to believe this is a debut novel for this amazing writer. It was extremely gripping. From page one until the very end I was riveted and intrigued, yet somehow pacified and placated. It was packed with plot twists and secrets and surprises.... as well as those sentimental, touching moments that make life worth living.
Standing Still is a tender thriller about a troubled woman, Claire, suffering acute panic disorder who finds herself in the middle of her own worst nightmare. She is troubled and flawed and completely relatable. While she was often surprised by her own actions and choices, I still found her extremely sensitive and raw ... alternately weak and strong. I felt a strong sense of connection with Claire so it is no surprise that I also felt ... something ... for her captor.
My copy of Standing Still is now fat with dog-eared pages and a bent binding. It’s splattered with mayonnaise and potato chip grease and anything else that stained my hands while reading it because I, quite truthfully, couldn’t put it down.


kelly said...

I am so glad you liked my book, Rebecca!
Thank you for a lovely post.

LC said...

How exciting to have another actual author comment! Kelly is much nicer than "what's her face."