Monday, March 30, 2009


Okay, on the Today Show this morning (and on the radio and other news sources over the last week), I heard a report basically saying that, due to the poor economy, women are forced to enter career fields they never would have considered in a healthy economy.
Stripping, for example.
The reporter interviewed a couple of nice folks, including a woman who had been laid off her corporate job and found herself stripping in a gentleman's’ club. That’s certainly a leap!
The report went on to tell us her earnings and the average wages of other women in her tassels, I mean, shoes. Apparently, strippers make an average of $1500 a night in tips alone (not sure what their base pay is), and supposedly earn six figures a year for an average of 4 nights work per week.
Now, there are a lot of strippers out there! They are everywhere ... everywhere. So my question is, if we’ve got all these women out there “earning” more than a million dollars each..... And men out there who are more than willing to drop - collectively - $1500 per night per stripper.....
How much were they making/spending when we had a booming economy?!?! How do these men find that much money to spend on STRIPPERS if our economy is so bad?
Well, I’m certainly no math whiz ... I should probably ask a guy.


LC said...

Credit & Cash Advances...and now they can't pay it back, but the banks just keep on givin.

Maybe that is what I should do in 2014 when all my kids are in school. I am sure they would allow me to have "flexible" (Ha Ha) hours! ;)

PS. My word verification is POLAN! A sign for my destiny?

bev said...

Becca, I just lover reading your blog. It makes me laugh. It makes me cry. It always makes me hear your voice.

As far as the dollars go, maybe we should open a topless golf course! Bet we would get lots of golfers. And I could always threaten to go topless if the golfers go too rowdy. That would sure settle them down quickly!