Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Maggie wears her faith like a favorite old tee shirt. Soft and comfy, nostalgic. Perhaps it's a reminder of better times when the world starts getting rough. Perhaps it’s warm and dry after getting caught in the rain. Perhaps it’s simply her signature look! It is stained with blood, sweat and tears.... spit-up from her babies, fur from her dog. It’s been hugged and tugged, washed and worn.... but it holds up oh-so-very-well because Maggie takes such amazing care of it. And of this I can be absolutely certain: it still looks damn good on her!

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Anonymous said...

Reading this created one of those rare, precious moments that I have tucked into my heart and will always treasure. You described exactly the way I experience my faith.

I can't take any credit for the faith I have; it's more like a hunger that I constantly want to satisfy. If anything, it's the result of so much weakness I wouldn't dare take the credit! And although I'm (over) 40 now and bolder about everything, I still always pause, sometimes shyly, before I express the faith-aspect of how I see the world. I don't ever want to be experienced as imposing, yet I want to be who I am with the people I love, even if it feels risky sometimes.

Your words are a gift, and more than that, your insight and appreciation in seeing me as I am is the treasure. Thank you for your friendship.

love always,