Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Drifting South by Charles Davis

This being the era of social networking, recently I have found myself in contact with people I haven’t known for over twenty years via the wonders of Facebook. I find myself attempting to sum up my life in a brief paragraph or two and it sounds, frankly, embarrassingly pathetic. What the hell have I been doing for the last twenty years?
So the timing was right for me to read Drifting South by Charles Davis. The main character finds himself back in the real world after 21 years of incarceration, where he self-educated his way into some sort of understanding of himself and his surroundings. I was fond of the way he seemed almost childish in his beliefs and interpretations of the world around him. Clinging to memories and half-truths, he returned to his old “home” in search of answers and, perhaps, even vengeance.
Mr. Davis is a new author and I felt his work was brilliant. He is an amazing storyteller. With twists and turns, mistakes and triumphs, I walked along with our storyteller until my own feet hurt and my own discoveries surfaced.
Our “hero” drifted between memories and dreams and revelations, bouts of grandeur and humility and simplicity. He rose and sank and ultimately found his place in this celestial body and I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

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