Sunday, March 8, 2009


A few years ago, I spent the day at IKEA with my friend, Rick. It had been a nice day when we entered the store, but, at some point during the several hours spent there, it had started to rain.
As we pulled out of the parking garage, I said, “Oh! It’s pouring rain!” Rick replied, “As opposed to what, milk?”
Well, I saw Milk today. I know why Sean Penn won an Oscar and I know why the film has been so highly regarded. It really had a true, gritty feeling to it and, although much of the dialog and intimate moments were fiction based on the truth, it felt incredibly real to me.
I got mad! I felt elation! I cried ......
I will never know how one man (or woman) could look at another and believe that person has no basic civil rights! It infuriates me! And to have the audacity to do it in the name of God, well, that’s just deplorable!
When Harvey Milk became the first openly gay man ever elected to public office in California, he stood under an umbrella in the pouring rain and said, “Anita Bryant said that it was gay people who brought the drought to California. Well, it looks to me like it’s finally started raining!”
And it rained for me today. It was absolutely pouring Milk!
And it left behind the most amazing rainbow!

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