Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Green, Green Grass of Home

People make fun of Iowa. I don’t exactly know why. Usually it’s people who have never been there, which makes it all the more objectionable. Frankly, it offends me! While I certainly love the green rolling hills and lush woods of our backyard in Maryland and the proximity of the city, which I find endlessly entertaining ... Iowa is not without it’s charms!
I love going back to Iowa!
I love the strong sense of community you feel there, no matter how long you’ve been gone! I love how new friends become like old friends in the course of an hour at The Bar and old friends quickly become new again. I love the vast expanse of green fields. I love that you can look out into the backyard and realistically visualize a pick up game of kick ball ... and it happens! I love that we know the neighbor lady! I love driving by the bakery and smelling the goodness from inside the car! I love hearing the rumble of Harleys and recognizing the drivers! I love that Grandma might actually be the passenger! I love that the lines between friends and family are very, very blurry! I love that we’re huggers! I love that everyone is welcome at the table, no questions asked. I love that the little kids we used to pay 4 bits to go get us a beer out of the cooler are now old enough to buy us beers in the bar. (I said they are old enough to do so, not that they do!!!) I love that my nieces and nephews “get” me! I love that my nephew, Justin, is perfectly willing to help demonstrate the Hands-Free Underwear Adjustment Dance at the drop of a hat. I love that I don’t know the exact number of people in my family!
I love that they all want to visit DC!
Don’t ever make fun of what you don’t understand! And you should never assume anything about a culture you’ve never visited. There’s no reason to make fun of Iowa: You are more than welcome to laugh with us!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to go home and this sums up all the reasons why so very well.

julie said...

Iowa is not "home" to me but it is becoming a second home, and a place my kids will now consider a home too! I know they will defend Iowa anytime they hear people making a joke, hopefully they'll ask them if they've ever been there! Anyway, we all had a great 5 days back "home" and can't wait to get back to hugs, and kickball games! Julie

Anonymous said...

Sadie has an interesting gang sign.

LC said...

Is that the place with all the potatos?

Anonymous said...

Yea Iowa!!!! It's heaven!

~Jenni from Sioux City