Saturday, August 9, 2008

On Your Marks ....

Absolutely nothing beats watching the Olympics live. Nothing is more infectious and exhilarating! I was lucky enough to enjoy the festivities of the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, courtesy of Lynn Rosenbaum’s amazing selling skills and Motorola, and I only wish I could share some of my photos now.
Last night we watched the opening ceremonies on regular tv. Our dish “went out” and we have been reduced to a mere channel or two and are forced to change them ... gasp ... manually! The volume, too! No pause, no rewind.... It’s really horrific!
But I wanted to watch the opening events simply to check out the ... sorry ... goofy outfits the athletes were wearing and was not, to say the least, disappointed! So, I was watching the ceremony with my laptop, my sleeping husband, three sleeping dogs, a nearly sleeping president (couldn’t tell if Dubya was ready for bed or merely wondering where the heck the hot dog vendor was), and a few raspberry beers. I was thinking I could not possibly watch anything more boring when Yao Ming walked in with the adorable nine year old hurricane survivor and HERO, Lin Hao. I was incredibly moved by that little angel’s story and watching him with Yao Ming was nothing short of heartwarming!
The actual lighting of the torch was such an amazing technological and artistic feat, I was seriously riveted!! And the fireworks shooting from within and around the amazing bird’s nest structure were absolutely breathtaking!
I haven’t watched the Olympics on television since I was a little kid doing extremely bad gymnastics in my swimming suit, but thanks to last night’s spectacular hoopla, I think I might get into it!


Becca said...

I might get into the Olympics ... not my old swimming suit! Ba ha!

Anonymous said...

It is too bad you did not get off work early enough to see the very beginning with the over 2000 drums & lighting effects, it too was amazing.


Leigh said...

Isabelle does gymnastics in just her panties and we are total Olympic watchers...but missed the opening. :(

Look what my word Verification was:


Anonymous said...

The opening ceremonies were amazing! I watched the entire thing from start to finish...even declining an invite to swim and drink at a friend's house! I am admittedly an Olympic's junkie! I was really going through some withdrawls this weekend...but the friends, sun, sand, and surf made up for it! ;-)

Jenni from Sioux City!!