Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mike's American

Let me just say, for the record, I really don’t eat a whole lot of red meat. I am an animal lover and really, really WANT to be a vegetarian. The problem lies simply in my lack of love for vegetables. I am conflicted! I love the taste of meat as long as it doesn’t require gnawing on a bone, I just wish it didn’t have to come from adorable animals ... not that I would enjoy eating rat meat, either, I’m sure.
All of that being said, however, last night I ate the best steak I have ever wrapped my lips around! Seriously!
We went to Mike’s American in Springfield Virginia to celebrate my sister’s 9th wedding anniversary. Not only is Mike’s a beautiful venue, but the staff was impeccable and the service was amazing. The food was delectably out of this world!! Orgasmic, even!
I started to get the feeling it was one of the Great American Restaurants, although I didn’t know that going in. A trip to the immaculate restrooms led me past the rack of Great American Restaurant postcards and my suspicions were confirmed! I have always enjoyed The Carlyle for Sunday brunch and amazing calamari and Coastal Flats for a terrific crab sandwich, but the meal at Mike’s was unbelievable!!!
I love their funky uniforms which consist of some disco-pocketed jeans or black shorts with collarless “blouses” made of ticking material. One waitress joked that she looked like a mattress, but I complemented her lack of pee stains, and I think she felt better.
Everything was perfect ... the atmosphere ... the food ... the staff ... and the fact that somehow they designed it so that every third or fourth table would contain a person who looked exactly like someone from my past! Check it out, it’s wild!! Very tastefully, deliciously wild!!!

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