Saturday, July 5, 2008

there's a (slight) chance i might be going to hell

When I started reading this book, I thought, "Lord, this Laurie Notaro really spreads her similes on each page like Skippy Super Chunk peanut butter on dry toast." But after awhile, I started enjoying the humor and whimsy of this silly little tale. It's ridiculous and crazy, but still a lot of fun. I did find myself chuckling a bit throughout. It's a total chick book, but I guess I have to admit, if only to myself, I am a chick. It had all the makings of a relatable story, with insanely embarrassing situations and lot's of dog interaction. I liked the main character, Maye, although I read "maybe" for the first three quarters of the book! It's just a fun little read. I didn't put it down and walk away a better person or anything, but it made me smile and I could use a little happiness in my life like a prepubescent wunderkind could use acne medication!
Just read it, what the hell.....

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