Friday, March 16, 2012

The Natural Anti-Depressant

Wednesday is our oldest girl. She's an almost-twelve year old border collie/hound mix with a LOT of personality! She's funny and smart and definitely in-charge of our household. She lost two of her "sisters" in two years and she's been our champ though it all. She's an absolute angel!

Puzzle is a not-quite two year old border collie rescue puppy.

While Wednesday is the picture of good health and energy ... she is nearly twelve years old and finds herself irritated by Puzzle's annoying love for her. Puzzle is literally in her face 24/7. Wednesday growls at Puzzle. Puzzle wags her tail. Wednesday tries a big girl growl, you know, with teeth. Puzzle licks her teeth.
Puzzle follows her, herds her, licks her, nudges her, pounces on her ....

Wednesday needs a break.
Puzzle needs a puppy of her own!
Enter Prozac!
Prozac is an 8 month old border collie who recently found himself without a home.
We have a home!

And so it begins ....
Puzzle still adores Wednesday, but she loves having a puppy of her own to play with! They love running through the yard and tugging on toys. They romp and roll and you have never seen so much tail wagging!!!
And Wednesday can take a break when she needs to without Puzzle pestering her. Although, I find Wednesday seems to have increased energy as well!
Maybe it's the beautiful spring weather .... ?
But we think it's the Prozac!

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