Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Joke's on Me

I had a brilliant idea! I get so few brilliant ideas, I was extremely excited that I actually had one! I decided I would write down my dreams in the morning and post them for all my fans to analyze. It would be therapeutic! It would be interesting! It would be fun!
So, yesterday, I started a new category on my blog called "The Dream Academy" and I opened with a doozy of a nightmare. It was titled, luringly, "Analyze This"!
Although no one accepted the challenge, I was still excited and optimistic when I went to bed last night eager to fall asleep and dream the next installment.
Well! Obviously, The Weisenheimers in my head had other ideas! My dream last night was so insultingly filthy there's no way on God's green earth I would ever repeat it! EVER! I'm disgusted and embarrassed my head could even come up with such pure ... filth!
I feel like I even need to explain myself now and I've told you nothing! A. It was a dream. I was asleep. It's not my fault.
and B. Even in the dream, I had no active part in the goings on. I just made a phone call to a friend to tell her of the amazingly hilarious idea I had for a movie. Hilarious.
So the joke was on me last night. I guess The Weisenheimers did not want to be analyzed.
I'm not giving up on my brilliant idea, however!

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Ravenfish said...

I used to write my dream notes all the time. However, you need to have the pad and pen near your bed and write everything you can as soon as you awake, not just in the morning. You will "lose" so many details waiting. I still remember a lot of the dreams I documented.