Monday, April 9, 2012

Hot and Cold

The 6:30am-3:30pm shift is not my favorite. I have to get up NLT 4:30am - that's if I'm really organized and plan my outfit ahead of time - which is pretty much the middle of the night. I feel tired all day and when I work that shift, it means a lot of physical work, as well. So, I am extremely tired by the time I leave. Additionally, I rarely get to leave on time, so the joy of getting off early isn't something I usually get to celebrate.
Today, I managed to leave shortly after 4:00pm, however, and that is quite an achievement! Due to my exhaustion (aka: laziness) and desire to avoid rush hour traffic, I left work without using the restroom, in spite of the tell tale signs that I should do so.
On my way home, my car began to overheat. I turned on the heat, right? Because that's what you're supposed to do. But smoke was rolling out from under my hood and I was forced to pull over and call my husband for rescue service.
After an hour and a half of doing whatever it is boys do under the hoods of cars, I was on my way ....
.... still with the heat ON.
.... still with me having to pee desperately.
It was very hot in my car. Very hot. I had the windows down to get some fresh air. I had passersby pointing at the smoke coming out from under the hood as if I am too oblivious to notice such a thing. I had to undo my pants because my bladder was growing larger and larger with each painful mile.
I took a call.
That was a good idea as it took my mind off my troubles.
I was chatting away when I got home and decided to walk down the driveway to the street to check the mailbox. "Oh, it's nice and cool out here!", I exclaimed.
Nice and cool.
I mean, exceptionally cool.
Very nice.

I was all the way to my mailbox and happily waving at my neighbors when I noticed my pants were completely unbuttoned, unzipped, belt flapping at my sides....

I'm a real winner!

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