Monday, September 8, 2008

The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond

I read The Year of Fog primarily on little planes jumping from Baltimore to Newark to Albany to Newark to Baltimore, and in little airports in between. It was a great book for that. Beautifully written, it read more like a journal or more like fact than fiction, which I liked. It captured my attention immediately and kept me interested and intrigued the whole time. It was very smart! I felt a kinship and compassion for the main character and became her champion from page one.
But, The Year of Fog is really a very sad book. I am not saying I need happy endings to define whether a book is good or bad. This is a very good book. But it's a good book like "We Were the Mulvaneys" was a good book. Well-written, beautifully staged, but just plain sad. Anti-climatically sad. The Year of Fog built so much hope and optimism and then just left me deflated. I just couldn't shake the overwhelming feeling of melancholy when I finished reading it. I closed the book and actually felt rather lonesome as I waited for my plane to taxi slowly back to the gate.

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