Friday, September 12, 2008

Lessons from a Big Sister

“Have you ever smelled mothballs?” my big sister randomly asked me one day when I was about eight years old.
“Ummmm, nooooooooo....?”
And she skipped away without another word.
Now, I don’t know that she actually skipped away, but that’s the way the scenario plays out in my memory.
Years later (or perhaps months), I was playing with one of my friends in her family’s attic. I smelled something sickeningly putrid. “What is that godawful smell?!!” She explained mothballs to me and why we would use, in our homes, something that smelled so disgusting.
I was actually rather excited!
I walked home and found my sister making a tent in the backyard using sheets and the clothesline. I skipped - I really think I did - over to her and cried, “Robin! I smelled mothballs!”
Without missing a beat, as if all those many months (or years) hadn’t passed at all, she simply asked, “How’d you get between his legs?”


Gorilla Bananas said...

Haha! But do moths even have balls? Those wretched creatures are only good for bumping into you in the night.

LC said...

We are currently "hatching" if you would like a wiff come on down! They should be out of their cacoons in another week or two. There are pictures on Iz's site.

Anonymous said...

OMG...Jason and I enjoyed an out-loud laugh on that one!

Jenni from Sioux City