Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Reason #548 Why I Love Digital

Back in the early to mid 80’s, Kodak had this little gem of a camera called The Disc. The commercials, which can still be seen on You Tube, really made it look fantastic! You only had to push one button and the flash would automatically know when you needed it and when you didn’t and the little camera would, again automatically, advance the film so you would never miss a shot! All in a tiny little camera the size of a shirt pocket.
One of my coworkers in the Air Force had one! We were all very impressed! Such an adorable little camera and we lived in Spain, for crying out loud, so there was a lot to photograph!
I wore a little blue skirt and pantyhose everyday which was part of my required uniform, and don’t forget my Pat and Leather heels! And, as always, I would sacrifice just about anything for a laugh.
So, I took Margery’s camera, placed it on the floor under my skirt and used one of my cute little P & L heels to press the one button on the disc that would make all the magic happen! I totally believed, in all honesty, that the picture would come out dark or blurry. In fact, I am not at all positive I gave the final outcome a thought at all. I just thought it would be funny for all my coworkers to see me take a picture up my skirt using the heel of my shoe to press the button!
And it was funny!
Really, I got a good laugh! So much so, that I’ve done variations of the gag over and over again since the original stunt when the camera was considered new not vintage.
What I didn’t count on, however, is that the little Kodak Disc really did take great pictures! Not only could you see the photograph clearly ... all the way up my legs to the cotton ventilated panel of my hosiery ... but you could also see my face looking down at the camera as well!
There was absolutely no denying what I had done when Margery went ahead and developed her film and shared it with a few dozen of my closest friends and colleagues!

Nice work, Kodak!


Leigh said...

You dirty dirty girl!

Sophia said...

pat and leather?! oh geez, i know there's a store behind that one and you gotta tell me it!