Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Secret Life of Bees (the motion picture)

I reviewed this book on May 20th, 2008. Please read that review, you’ll find under “Dog-Eared”. It’s one of my favorite reviews, because it’s one of my favorite books.

This film was a brilliant translation of a very special book! Amazing books have to be altered considerably to fit into the time constraints of a motion picture. Sometimes, things that I find important and necessary to the story, get lost along the way. While I still love this book more than most books I’ve ever read, they did an amazing job of making this into a film. Some things were changed somewhat, and the ending was made slightly more palatable. I was actually glad for that because I was running out of napkins and the nice folks around me were getting irritated with my blubbering.
The actors portrayed their characters magnificently and the story flowed smoothly and emotionally.
I would, of course, recommend the book to everyone, but I would also recommend seeing the film! But, go when you don’t mind your companion seeing you bawl like a baby and when you are going directly home afterward. Unless, of course, you’re hard inside......


LC said...

I have been wanting to see this so bad! Hopefully it comes to DVD soon after it is out of the theater!

Anonymous said...

I wanted to go to this movie with you!! I am sad that we didn't go together. I read the book after your review and I loved it too!