Monday, November 24, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

I love Thanksgiving! I love the food, the good cheer, the fact that we’ve almost always had a stray or two at the table, and the fact that it’s the official kick-off party for the holiday season!
When I was in junior high school, my Gramps went downtown for one of his many errands. While out and about, he met a woman named Betty. Gramps and Betty began chatting and decided they were long-lost cousins. Cousin Betty was probably close to a hundred years old, so that Thanksgiving was the first of only a few holidays we were able to share with her.
And my oh my, Cousin Betty was a character, as was Gramps! Picture Aunt Bethany from Christmas Vacation, and you will know exactly what we had to deal with!
Cousin Betty’s eyesight was not exactly 20/20 at this point, so when she tried to put on her makeup for her Thanksgiving debut, it was nothing short of whimsical! She was only “off” about an inch when filling in her eye brows, so the effect was absolutely brilliant on such an animated face! Cousin Betty was very expressive in her speech and to see all four eye brows bobbing up and down with each colorful story was truly entertaining and delightful! Her rouge was panoramic, to say the least, and the extended lips were sheer genius! Betty certainly knew how to keep her audience’s attention!
Not to be outdone, however, Gramps took a bit of his beets on the end of his fork and smeared on his own bright crimson rouge! Grandma Harvey was, of course, horrified, but the rest of us gave a great deal of thanks that first Turkey Day with Cousin Betty!

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