Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

I don’t really crave sweets. I can usually say no to dessert and pass by a bowl of candy without a second glance.
..... ...... Until I decide I need to drop a pound or two! Then I can think of nothing else! Suddenly I am shoving cheesecake into my mouth without even cutting it into slices. I am buying cookies and chocolate bars like they contain a golden ticket. What’s the deal?
You always want what you can’t have.
It’s rather like that when you lose a loved one. I miss my sister-in-law and friend, Linda, more than I ever imagined I would. I find myself actually craving our silly conversations and the bits of “news” she would send me via e-mail. Because I can’t have her, I long for her even more.

Now, I have always loved Peanut M&M’s. They’re delicious! But they are a decadent treat I can normally turn down when offered or pass by at the checkout stand. I mean, it’s not like they are french fries, for crying out loud!
But Linda loved Peanut M&M’s. After her funeral, all of her loved ones gathered together at her house (where we have always gathered) and at some point deeper into the night we shared an “M&M” toast to Linda!
It’s one of my favorite memories.

I returned home after the funeral and attempted to get my life back together. I find myself thinking about Linda all the time, and eating more chocolate than I would ever think a human could safely consume. Halloween came and went (adding another pound or two to my collection), and then my birthday (another, and another). I have been feeling depressed and disgusting.
Last night (just four days after my birthday), I went to see a tear-jerker movie all by myself. I cried through a stack of napkins and sobbed to the point of receiving “that” look from the patron in front of me. I was a slobbering, snotty mess!
When I got home, there was a box on my doorstep. It was actually addressed to me! A birthday gift?! I was curious and thrilled! I tore open the box and looked for a nonexistent card. I pulled the newspaper stuffing away from three huge, colorful, glorious, five pound bags ...
of Peanut M&M’s!
No card, no return label, no name ....

.... Linda?

I honestly do not know who sent me that very special birthday gift, but I do know exactly who put them up to it!!

.... and it was greatly appreciated!!!!

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Anonymous said...

I didn't do it, but what a great gift! night I was all of a sudden consumed with the idea of making deviled eggs. I couldn't get them out of my mind! It was making me crazy, so I broke down and made them. I do love them, but never thought of actually making them. Linda always asked me to make deviled eggs for Turkey Day, for her boys! I told Chuck that Linda was talking to me! I think I'll make Deviled Eggs for Thanksgiving this year.