Friday, June 13, 2008

Walking Small

This morning I went
for a long walk through
my gorgeous neighborhood.
Just me and my camera.
I walk a lot, really.
More than a lot of people.
I don’t carry my iPod because
I enjoy listening to the symphony
of birdsong and all of God’s
creatures rustling
through the woods.
I usually walk between
two and six miles a day,
sometimes more
rarely less.
I walk as a mode of
I walk because I like
the time to explore my
thoughts as well as
my surroundings,
I walk because I think
I am fat and it is part of
my admittedly lame workout

But today I walked
simply because
I can.
I was watching the short
promo film clips of
Patrick O’Brien
and when I could no longer
see through my tears,
I decided to walk.
My body needed it ... craved it.
Motion - mobility.
I walked because I have the
strength and energy and
good health to do so.
I walked because I didn’t know
what else to do.
I walked because I am sad
and small and
insignificant in this great
big beautiful world.
I walked because I feel helpless.
I walked because I am
ALS is sucking the life out of so
many incredible, amazing people
and there is precious little I
can do about it.

I just
... walked.


shelly said...

Amazing pictures! I feel the exact same way. Shelly

Anonymous said...

This was beautifully written and the forest looks awesome. I miss our walks and am grateful that we still can as well.