Monday, June 9, 2008

The Fiberglass Pond

For as long as I can remember wishing for things, I have always longed for a swimming pool! We lived on Lake Kampeska for many years, and I loved it! I was in the water from sun up 'til sundown ... swimming, floating, skiing, diving. There is truly no more refreshing tonic than immersing oneself in cool water!
While having a pool has moved from a fantasy to a five-year-plan, still, it's hot!! And I just can't stand the idea of vegging in front of the air conditioner all day on the rare Sunday that I don't have to work.
Now, I'm a South Dakota Girl, and we're nothing if not resourceful and creative when it comes to entertaining ourselves! So, although I don't have an actual swimming pool, I do have a hot tub! And the heater on the hot tub can be turned off and, if we keep the cover on it, the water is actually extremely and exhilaratingly cool! Add a nice little air mattress from the Dollar General, and you've got yourself a pool party!
Granted, as I looked down at myself sipping on my can of beer (yes, I said can of beer, and not just a can, mind you, a 24oz can), nearly dropping my cell phone in the water more than a time or two, floating on my cheapo air mattress in my 5x5 swimming pool, it did occur to me that I was just a cigarette dangling out of my mouth away from being Pure White Trash!
And we're not even going to talk about the 3rd Degree Sunburn I am dealing with today!


Anonymous said...

hey skinny legs!! the rowing machine seems to be working fast!!

LC said...

Isabelle likes this idea! Before your email and seeing this...I suggested it to my SIL this past weekend. Great minds.