Thursday, May 22, 2008

grayson ... by Lynne Cox

I would love to convince you that there is a bit of cleverness involved in my book-choosing process, but I already let the cat out of the bag when I wrote about Middlesex, so you know that the whole process is, for me, purely aesthetic. I chose “grayson” because I have a nephew named Grayson. That's it. Nothing clever about that a’tall.
That being said, however, “grayson” is an enchanting recount of the morning seventeen-year-old Lynne spent helping a baby whale find his mother. On a surface level, this is a delightful adventure and up-close glimpse into a world most of us will never have the pleasure of experiencing. And if you dive just a bit deeper, it is a story of love and the potency of positive thinking. Positive Energy. It is proof of making a connection beyond our limited vocabularies and lets us believe, once and for all, in interspecies communication and the power of love!
This is a quick little read you can share with your whole family. I couldn’t help but think of my sister-in-law, Lise’, and her son Grayson while reading this, and how she would love to share this book with each of her precious little ones. It is a story of mothers and children, of humans and animals, of strength and support.
“grayson” is as refreshing and intoxicating as the sea itself!
Dive in!

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Lise said...


I thank you for mentioning Grayson. He thought that it was pretty special. I have yet to read the book but you have given me inspiration in so many ways.

Love Lise