Thursday, March 27, 2008


I just finished a little chick flick of a book called Angelica by Arthur Phillips. It wasn't bad, it wasn't awesome. I certainly didn't hold it up high while riding the train, but I didn't honestly hate it. I suppose sometimes a gal just needs to read a girly book. I mean, it wasn't a romance novel or anything! But it also wasn't something I would be proud to say, "Hey! I am totally reading Angelica right now!"
It's part ghost story, part psychological ... not exactly thriller ... intrigue? The author, Arthur, told the same story from several perspectives, and I guess that is what I liked most about it. When reading the "other side of the story", I wanted to go back and reread the first side of the story. I'm sure it's never a bad idea to try to see things from another angle.
Sorry, Mr. Phillips, I guess I can't really recommend this book to others. If a body ever spends the night at my house and can't sleep, they may feel free to peruse my bookshelves, it'll be there somewhere.....

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