Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl XLII

I have spent the entire day trying to think of something clever to write about the Super Bowl, but have mostly just been lying here cursing Colin the Bartender at Summers, Joe Sirl and others who convince me that shots are ever a good idea, and even the NFL itself!!
I wish I could simply scan the cocktail napkins on which I "took notes" last night. They are actually much funnier than anything I could write using them as a reference. Apparently I didn't find the commercials terribly funny during the game. Since I just spent the last half hour rewatching them on You Tube, I guess I was right (although Will Farrell was pretty funny and I always love the Clydesdales). Odd that there wasn't a commercial for Pamprin, since one of the notes to myself says (I think): Pamprin for Cramps. Or perhaps Pumpkin Hor Champs ... but that doesn't really make sense.
At one point I wrote: Waste of a good shot w/ breath-altering drugs....
Pretty sure I don't know what that means! And the last note says: Celiax Mothu Fird.
Perhaps I should rethink an earlier comment I made about myself having a "healthy" social life.

1 comment:

bev said...

Celiac mothu fird, casmagorifay shufflish.

That's all I have to say about that!