Sunday, February 17, 2008

It's My Life

A while ago, I went to Internet Radio on my laptop and told Pandora that Talk Talk was my favorite group or artist today. She has been picking out songs all afternoon that she thinks I would like based on that information. So, while I have been slathering the walls in my guest room with what - up until about three hours ago - I thought was the most beautiful color I had ever seen, I got a bit lost in the nostalgia of the music on my computer.
I started thinking of the Me who listened to this stuff when it was new. I wasn't missing that Becca, per se .... rather, I began thinking of what she would think of the Me she became.
She would probably hate my hairdo, that's for sure. And I know she would be appalled by the, we'll call it 20, pounds I have added to her slender frame! She would be happy that I still listen to the same music and still love to dance, albeit with a fraction of the intensity and passion she had. She would be very moved by the fact that we still have some of the same friends and I think she would like the new ones I've added to her collection.
She would probably be irritated with the lazy approach I took to curing her angst. I can't really blame her for that one! She had a boldness and confidence that I somehow lost along the way, and she would be sad about that, too, I think. Although, I believe she would be happy with the direction I am taking now.
She would adore my dogs as much as I miss hers and I think she would like my husband, as well ... she helped pick him out, after all!
One thing I know for sure: she would LOVE the fact that I just spent the afternoon painting my guest room flaming orange while singing along with Depeche Mode and The Pet Shop Boys!


jerry said...

She may have been able to pick a better husband, after all she was much cooler than he had ever dreamed of being but he is very happy she has stuck with him and is very impressed & attracted to who she has become.

bev said...

And this old friend is so glad that she was who she was and is who she is. I think I love the new her as much as I loved the old her. But, I must admit, I was so smitten with and envious of the outrageous, bodacious, audacity of the old her that the old her will always live on in you!

Anonymous said...

Your were talking about the dogs, huh? I was staring at our family photo the other day at Zeile and Lucy and dreading the day that Borderline joins them. It is funny how huge a role the dogs play in our lives! I base many major decisions on how they would feel about it! They love us no matter what!
PS. I too, like the first Becca, but am quite impressed at the woman she became. Both of them have made quite an impression on me! And look at Jerry getting all sentimental.... she did well!

Robin said...

By George, I think I've got it!