Thursday, July 25, 2013

Five Finger Death Hug

I had the opportunity to see Rob Zombie last night, for free, so I seized it!  I love Rob Zombie and he put on a great show!  However, the real rush came from heavy metal rockers Five Finger Death Punch. 
Front man, Ivan Moody, asked the audience to raise their hands if they are currently serving or have ever served in the armed forces.  I raised my hand. 
"Keep 'em up!", he said!
Then he encouraged the rest of the audience to shake those raised hands.  A line of young metal heads lined up ... to hug me!!  They all wrapped their tattooed little arms around me and thanked me for my service!
I cannot explain how moved I was!  Tears filled my eyes and an incredible warmth filled my heart.
So, thank you Ivan!  And thank you to all who have served this great country ~ you are deeply appreciated!


Big Dave said...

That is awesome, its alot better than the reception I received when I returned from the Gulf War, I was spat on at the airport, called a baby killer and booed by the american public...oh wait, maybe that was a 70s movie with Tom Cruise...never mind...

Scot V said...

What do you think possessed them to do that? I wonder what is happening in their lives that they feel so grateful and patriotic.

Thank you for your service, Rebecca.