Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Birthday, Borderline!

My sweet little girl, Bordie, is fourteen .... it's hard to believe! She has been by my side through every moment of my adult life. We've laughed (seriously, if you knew this dog you would understand that she does reflect this emotion!), cried, hugged, mourned. She's an absolute angel. Her old bones must ache and she sleeps more than she used to, but she still wakes up every morning wagging her tail and ready to take on another day ... hoping to catch a frisbee ... a turtle ... a frog (like last weekend) or even a bug .... I hope all her dreams come true today! I wish her as much love and happiness as she has given me over all these years!


LC said...

Happy Birthday Bordie!

Anonymous said...

Your little tribute made me cry! She is such a good dog.

Happy Birthday from your Auntie :)

Anonymous said...

Best Dog Ever!

bev said...

Why did this make me cry? She is happy and has a great mom. I should be smiling! Happy Birthday Bordie! Roz and Jezz say Happy B Day as well.