Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Best American Mystery Stories 2003

I love short stories. I always have. I love the pace of a well-written short story. How the characters and story lines are developed and quickly lure you in, take you for a wild ride, and then throw you back. All in a few short pages. And this particular selection did not disappoint! Although not especially mysterious, these stories were all ironic and edgy. A good short story can leave you changed as much as a brilliant novel. I have flown all over this world and experienced some amazing adventures out there, but two of my favorites were a quick little tour in a helicopter over the Black Hills of South Dakota and a hot air balloon ride over the Missouri River. Never discount the little tidbits life throws at you.... the short stories..... they are just as exciting as their grander counterparts!

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bev said...

Short stories are great! The commitment is so small and the rewards are so large.