Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Okay. I am not a Country Girl, a Downhome Gal ... certainly not a Backwoods Barbie. My mother never made a coat out of scraps for me to wear with pride while the other children laughed. I just work hard and play hard and enjoy filling my time with friends and fun.
After a long few weeks recently passed, I was really worn out! I was tired both mentally and physically and on Monday, when we went to see Dolly Parton at the Patriot Center, well ... it was just like getting a big ol’ soft hug! (Easy Aaron!)
We walked in and heard that sugary sweet familiar voice rising from a blur of sequins, and it seriously put a smile on my face that lasted 2 full hours!
Dolly doesn’t even need to sing. I like some of her songs, and definitely respect her as a brilliant song writer, but I could just listen to her tell stories all night long. She’s really very, very funny! I had to chuckle when she apologized at the end of the show if she offended anyone! Ha! Dolly? Who on earth could ever be offended by Dolly Parton?!?!
I enjoyed watching the crowd almost as much as I enjoyed watching Dolly, especially the woman in front and to the right of us who pried herself free from the gnarled old tree branch that was holding her oh so tightly to stand up and - with tears streaming down her face - lift her hands to ... Dolly? Katie Beadnell and I used to write letters and pray to Cher at night with a special shrine we built out of her brother's glow-in-the-dark gargoyle models, so I suppose it’s possible to have a religious experience with Dolly Parton. Me, I just enjoyed spending an evening with an old friend who makes me laugh and warms my heart....

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Anonymous said...

I love Dolly too!

More for the duplicity of her assets though. :)