Friday, May 9, 2014

Super Heroes

You know what I like?  I like when little boys go out to the mall wearing super hero capes.  I'm not talking about a store bought remnant of last year's Halloween costume. I'm talking about a ratty old towel or perhaps a table cloth with some strings he convinced Gramma to attach.  Because those capes truly hold the super powers!  I like when little girls wear tutus for no reason.  Ideally, tutus paired with big rubber boots and some messy, original hair dos!  If she has glasses .... even better!  I like little kids who jam out to Muzak!  I like when babies' feet start tapping to the beat and toddlers have full on rock concerts with the cool kid in the mirror.  I like kids who don't seem to mind if everyone stares.  I like skinned knees and ice cream stains on the fronts of shirts.  I like to hear kids laughing.  You know, the throw-your-head-back guttural kinds of laughter!
I like when kids ask questions. 
Yeah, that's what I like.


Bev Warner, proprietress said...

As I read this memories of Anna came flooding in. She would wear tutus with her jeans. Obnoxious pink sweaters with rainbow colored leg warmers and sandals. Her hair was always out of place, her glasses too big for her little face. And, while dressed in a tutu was a circus horse, of course! Thanks for the memories.

Scot Vessell said...

Mahalia at 5 or 6 years old.

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