Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dear Old Golden Rule Days

I have been loving all the 1st Day of School pictures on Facebook. All the adorable children spit-shined and crisply ironed sporting new backpacks and perfect hairdos. I wish, however, I would have had my camera with me yesterday when I drove home from a shopping spree around 3:00pm. All of my cute neighborhood kids came tumbling off the school bus looking frazzled and disheveled like they just had a rough day at the office. Sleeves pushed up, shirttails pulled out of wrinkled uniform pants and skirts. What I can imagine were fresh bows in the little girls' hair this morning were sagging afterthoughts this afternoon. They looked hot and tired and ... happy! If I had had my camera, one shot would have been perfect for Wordless Wednesday, but for today words will have to do! Good ol' Back-to-School Days!!


Anonymous said...

I too love back to school! But I could sleep longer if my dear doggies didn't feel the need to say good morning to the school busses! Great post! I wish you would have had your camera!

bev said...

Your camera would have been the perfect addition to this post. However, the visual you painted was amazing and perfect. I could see it myself.