Friday, June 29, 2012

A Week of Dreams

In the past week I've dreamed a plethora of dreams. One night was spent with me attempting to gain access to the David Sedaris household, only to find myself stopped short at the door (each and every time) by a rather aloof Sedaris and his dog. One night found me endlessly moonwalking to the point of awakening with aching feet. Another night had me swimming with a beautiful mermaid who loved my hair. An exhausting night was spent running with a pack of loud mouthed wolves. And one night .... the mother load! I really thought it was nothing when I woke up. In this dream, a gentleman who used to work for me came to my dreamland workplace to tell me he could no longer work there due to his recent engagement and a baby on the way. I woke up wondering why I even thought of him and why he would be getting engaged when I thought he was already married. I went to my real work the next morning and a couple of associates were talking about that very man. I said, "It's funny that you would mention him, I totally dreamed about him last night." "Really?!", they asked. "Yeah, I dreamed he asked his girlfriend to marry him." One of the associates looked at me in shock, "He sent me a text last night saying he proposed and she said yes!" "I thought he was already married", said I and the associate stated that she thought the same thing, but apparently we were wrong. She said that in Jamaica, dreaming of marriage usually means death. "Oh no!", I said. "I hope I didn't just kill off Malik, I really like him!" We giggled a bit and then I remembered the baby. I told them just for the record, in my dream there was also a baby involved. My associate really turned white and said, "YES! His fiance is pregnant!!" Wow. Now, perhaps Mr.Sedaris will let me in the house if I promise to leave the wolves outside!

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bev said...

Dreams! Dreams that actually occur too! It is time for you to hang out an occult shingle and do some fortune telling.