Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Little Two Little Two

I often have a flashback at work. Like, every day. And I want to share it because, for me, it is a fond memory. But each time I try to write down my thoughts, it turns into a sad, sad story. My friend, Ric, thinks these are the times when I am in need of a good editor. I just think I need to figure out a way to tell my tale. So. 'Twas my 7th or 8th summer on this earth, and I spent the better part of it locked in a bedroom with my cousin. See? That doesn't sound good. But it was the 70s and long before we knew adults were not supposed to lock children in bedrooms. And I do remember our “warden” asking me if I wanted “a couple three pancakes” once, so I am sure we were fed from time to time … perhaps Sunday brunch? I must stress again, these are fond memories for me! My cousin and I had fun locked in that room! Although deprived of sunshine and fresh air, we were allowed considerable time to explore our imaginations! And we were extremely creative! We acted out commercials and skits and played them back over and over on a little tape recorder. We listened to records and sang along. We cranked up the swear word on Davy Crockett when the singers sang “he's a HELL of a song” because we thought that was absolutely hilarious. We invented press on nails using layers of Scotch tape and bright red nail polish long before Lee did. We wrote scary stories that would give Stephen King nightmares. And we designed a full line of fabulous footwear! That's where my flashbacks come into play. Who knew that so many years later I would be working in a fantastically huge shoe store, mesmerized by all the glorious shoes and designs before me? My cousin and I wrapped scarves, belts, ties, chains - anything we could find in the room - around our feet and modeled them for our shoe company, Little Two Little Two. They were beautiful! And the selection was endless ..... My cousin is gone now and I don't talk about those days with anyone anymore. But I do have a genuine passion for shoes, design and creating something from nothing. And I often chortle remembering the antics of two little girls and a summer of imagination, laughter, and incredible footwear! (If I ever own my own company, I will call it Little Two Little Two, and I'll probably make my own commercials!)

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Ravenfish said...

Awesome story...some of your best writing!