Thursday, May 5, 2011

Finding Time

I used to take the train every day. Although I couldn't say I loved riding the train, I certainly didn't hate it. It was a long commute, but it gave me a lot of time to read! And I did love that!! I was reading two or three books a month and that was an amazing escape from the hustle and bustle of the real world around me.
I have switched jobs. I have a great new job that pays for parking, so I no longer ride the train. Now I spend that time in traffic .... listening to morning zoo radio or singing aloud, depending on the time. I work a lot of hours and usually work through my lunch break, or visit through my lunch break, or run errands on my lunch break .... rarely do I read on my lunch break any more.
I am sad.
For a brief time I was writing reviews for an on-line paper and I was thrilled for that opportunity, however, I found myself speed-reading through books I wasn't even loving and ended up not enjoying the experience at all.
Finally, after struggling through a new translation of Madame Bovary, I gave up.
Then it took me nearly a month to read a little commercial break of a book titled, "Postcards from a Dead Girl", that I found on the shelves at my office. It was an interesting, humorous little piece about a man slowly (or rather quickly, in fact) going crazy after the death of his girlfriend. Miraculously, he simply cured himself in the end, which I found a little bizarre, but at least I finished a book!
So, after noticing that no one has even opened my blog in over two weeks, I've decided I need to make time to read again! I have so many beautiful books to read and enjoy and I miss that time ... that escape.
So, as soon as American Idol is over and the tv shows turn into reruns ... I'm definitely going to read more! (Tee Hee!)
(And more photography, too!)

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