Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Dog Bait

My middle dog, Wednesday, has been such a sweet helper with her aging older sister, Borderline, that I decided to treat her with a walk this afternoon. Wednesday is a charming little creature with Flying Nun ears and legs as long as you please that measure only about an inch in circumference. She’s rather funny-looking with a personality to match! She’s very curious and loves people and other animals.
The only problem is that Miss Wednesday has lived a rather privileged life, always having a fenced yard and/or acres of woods in which to run. She’s never had to spend much time on a chain or leash. Therefore, she was a bit awkward on our walk.
Because of this, I decided to veer off the main road onto a less-traveled path unfamiliar to both of us. Once on the new path, I let the retractable leash loose so she could spread her wings a little bit.
We were more than halfway past one house when a beautiful, angry, aggressive Doberman Pinscher lunged out of the yard toward us! I yelped and reeled in Wednesday (who wet her pants, by the way) while Doberman’s counterpart, Huge Rottweiler, barreled out behind him! The fact that the Rottweiler was wearing a large green cone around it’s tree trunk of a neck was little consolation when I saw the broadness of his chest!!
Wednesday and I were terrified, to say the least!
In retrospect, I should have taken Wednesday back the way we came. But we were already more than halfway past their house and all I wanted to do was get away .... walking back by them didn’t seem a viable option at that point.
Until I came to a dead end!
With Doberman and Rottweiler yelling at us in the background and their mammoth bodies lunging toward the path, Wednesday and I sat down on a log to collect ourselves.
I’m sure we could have wandered deeper into the woods and eventually found our way home, but I wasn’t exactly sure where we were and in which direction we would need to travel. Our only real option was to walk back past the Hell Dogs.
I was almost certain they had an invisible fence, since they didn’t actually follow us or leave their own yard ... but I’ve seen a dog go through an electronic invisible fence before and I wasn’t sure the temptation of cute little Wednesday wouldn’t be just enough to make them bound right through, in spite of the shock they would have received.
So, I took my little goofy dog and skulked through the backyards of the houses on the other side of the path, ducking under their trees and walking under their windows. I don’t know these people and was quickly concocting the story I would tell them when they came after us with a shotgun!!
Luckily that didn’t happen and we both made it safely home to tell the tale ....
We’re probably just going to play in our own yard from now on!


bev said...

Poor Wednesday! How can she explain this to her siblings without any loss of self-esteem? How can she ever get over the part where, in spite of wetting her wee self, she didn't spring to your defense? Poor, poor Wednesday! At least you both survived.

Becca said...

She tried to spring, but I was clinging to her desperately and I think she was in shock!

Anonymous said...

She was probably thinking " I know I can outrun these thugs, but can Mom? "


Maggie said...

I don't know who I feel worse for -- poor happy smiling little Wednesday or her Mom. I can see the whole story as you tell it, and especially admire how you snuck through the backyards to get home. I don't think I would have thought of that! I love the smile in her pic, by the way.