Friday, January 25, 2008

An Explanation!

Well. I am new to this, as you can see! Ha! I wanted to set up tabs that readers can go to for specific topics. "Dog-Eared" for book reviews, "Dog Day Afternoon" for stories about my dogs and others, "Lindy" for conversations dealing with ALS (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease), "Woods-Liver" for musings about home life, and "Gal About Town" for social news. Unfortunately, my first book reviews went under ALL the sections instead of just Dog-Eared. Sorry about that, friends! I will work on it! Anyway, now you know what I WANT to do, and can laugh with me at what I actually do do.
I just said doo-doo.


bev said...

Looks like you are getting a handle on this blogging thing. I went through the same changes/annoyances getting mine up and running. It is painful, slow, but the rewards are so great at the end. then you can proudly stand up, beat your chest and say "I am a computer nerd!"

jillmpeace said...

Geez, I had this whole comment thing written and then lost it:( Anyways, Becca you rock! Love your creative writing, you have a true talent. We loved your christmas letter/story. As someone who skated at the Bramble park/flooded ring it brought back great memories! Remember Leigh's rabbit fur coat?! Looking forward to your blog, and I hope this comment posts!

jillmpeace said...

I meant flooded rink as in skating rink not ring, I must be thinking about work! Sorry for the typo.